Shotz Sample Pack

  • Not sure what your favourite flavour is?
    Then the sample pack is for you.
    8 x Shotz Energy Gels (1 of each flavour)
    4 x Shotz Energy Bars (1 of each flavour)
    1 x Shotz Electrolyte Tablet Tube 12's
    1 x Shotz Protein Bar
  • The problem with buying something online that you have not tasted before can present a challenge. The Shotz Sample Pack allows you to try different flavours of each of the Shotz range so you can make an informed decision on what flavour appeals to you.
    When it comes to flavours we can have wildly differing opinions on what tastes good and what doesn't. It is the very reason that we have a selection of flavours in attempt to please as many people as possible. A lot of work went into formulating the Shotz products and we hope you like them.

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